Learn about Canada’s Universal
Healthcare System

New Immigrants often face many problems while navigating through Canada’s
Healthcare System due to Language Barriers and Lack of Experience.
Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation

The application’s user interface is seam-less for learning Canada’s healthcare system
Accessing Special Services

Accessing Special Services

The game will help users to get familiar with various health-related scenarios.
Health Milestones

Health Milestones

Learn to access Canadian Healthcare Milestones.

CEVREX provides a unique integrated learning experience between the Canadian language and the Healthcare system.

  • Virtual Reality CEVREX enables you to learn a new language by experiencing Real-life Healthcare Scenarios
  • Artificial Intelligence You will get Accurate, Personalised, as well as Live Feedback while learning
  • Cultural Experience This revolutionary app will bridge the gap between Learning and Experiencing, Canada’s Healthcare Culture.

CEVREX is a platform build for Prospective Immigrants like you, to help your dream become a reality while learning with Real-Life Healthcare Scenarios.

About us

CEVREX is a Revolutionary Language Learning Experience

CEVREX is the first and the only platform that merges English language learning along with Canadian cultural learning by immersing learners into the Canadian healthcare system.

The application will enable users to strengthen their English skills as well as learning about healthcare issues and solutions for them, by the use of innovative technology such as - Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Why Read or Travel? When you can have CEVREX

The New-way to Learn

Major prospective Immigrants tend to read a book to learn the English language while some plan to travel to learn the language and know more about the culture.

But now CEVREX has a solution to this issue of learning.

CEVREX is a tech-driven application that enables learners like you to adapt to the English language and learn about the Canadian Culture by experiencing real-life scenarios via your mobile phone, Laptop, and VR also.

Advantages of CEVREX

What are the Instant benefits of using CEVREX?

CEVREX helps you get rid of old learning techniques and connects you with Real-Life Scenarios.
  • Success
  • Joyful
  • Interactive

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